more than protection

Vinyl, Fiberglass,  cellular PVC, and Aluminum Pergolas have all of the beauty and none of the worries of traditional wood and cedar pergolas. They do cost a little more upfront, but since they provide years of maintainence free enjoyment they are a great value. We feature top quality virgin vinyl pergolas with a thicker shell than the competition and far more style choices, as well as custom designs. We have hand retractable, and motorized fabric awnings, as well as waterproofing systems for all budgets.

We have donated several pergolas to the BBB Silent Auction over the years at the Central Kentucky Home and Garden Show at Rupp Arena. A pergola can serve as a great enhancement to any building or open space. Pergolas provide shade as well as a unique visual appeal. Pergolas may act as an extension of a building by covering an open area, such as a terrace, that is adjacent to the building. Free Standing Pergolas, those not attached to another structure, provide a sitting area that allows for a breeze and light sun, but offers protection from direct sunlight. Pergolas are also used in gardens to provide climbing plants with a structure on which to grow.

making the decision

Not all vinyl pergola kits are the same. Though at first glance they appear the same, there can be many differences in materials, design, and engineering, in addition to price. Is the vinyl American made? This is not just a issue of patriotism, but a quality issue. A lot of foreign made vinyl is of poor quality especially in UV resistance as well as having lead content. We only uses American made vinyl kits.

Are the beams 2″ x 8″? This is important for strength and appearance. Yes the Potomac always has 2 x 8’s for the beams. ? Are there two beams per column set or just one? This also is important for strength and appearance.We feature models with both options. Do the beams contain an aluminum insert? Aluminum is used to prevent rust and corrosion. Are the rafters and beams made with ribbed vinyl? Ribbed vinyl prevents the use of an adequately sized structural insert as shown in photo above. Additionally, the ribs show through to the outside of the vinyl for an unattractive finish. Our Vinyl Pergolas are only made with open vinyl extrusions.

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