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We build Custom Porches in Lexington, and all over Kentucky. We strive to design outdoor living spaces that are both functional, have a fluid layout, and are cohesive with the overall architecture of your house. In short, the best designs would look like they were always part of the house.

We have the latest software that enables us to create your next project with amazing realism in 3D pictures and video, down to reflections and shadows at different times of the day. So regardless of if you want a simple roof, or an outdoor kitchen and living space to entertain your friends. We can implement your vision, designs from your architect, or we can create a unique design for your home from start to finish.

Always green

If you can attach a picture of your whole backyard or where you want the project, and fill out the quote form completely we can design and give you estimates online. Saves gas and time for everyone, and we will give you $100.00 off you project in apprecitaion.


Add welcoming warmth to your entry, deck, or stairs. Not only do front porches shelter you, guests, packages, and decor but also add style to the front of your house. Does the word porch make you think of a summer evening, sitting in a comfortable chair and watching the world go by as you sip a tall, cool beverage? While houses have become more oriented to the back rather than the front yard, porches never go out of style. Like any outdoor room, a porch is a continuation of one’s living space, whether it’s extended in front as a welcoming refuge, or the back as an easy outdoor escape from any door.


Spring, summer and fall, porches give you that fresh-air experience, even in the rain.  While maintaining an open feeling, screen porches provide you with privacy, shade, protection from insects, and debris. They can have permanent removable or retractable screens. The perfect place to enjoy a sunset, or curl up with a good book!

We have featured plenty of porch ideas for some inspiration on turning your porch into an attractive, livable and usable space by making it a screened porch. This is a popular design trend because they are highly functional spaces with so many uses. They can be your sunroom, mudroom, relaxation room, entertaining room, dining room, kitchen, etc.


There is no architectural element more nostalgic than the American porch. Porches play a unique role in the transitional space between the outdoors and private interiors. No matter your house style or your budget, we believe there is a porch that will fit your life. Whether modest or grand in scale or function, a porch is sure to enhance your home. The success of any porch design lies in proper detailing. Traditional porches are the perfect way to add livable space & versatility to your home. 


The right porch design can add both style and functionality to your home. Building the perfect porch requires a certain amount of creativity and an understanding of how the space complements the rest of the home. From elegant Queen Anne porches to sleek modern ones, and from elaborate porches with lots of detail to clean and simple covered outdoor spaces, there is an ideal porch for every home. One thing all porches have in common, however, is that a great porch is one that feels like it was always part of your home.

Porch Prices


Entry Porches because of their small scale, despite requiring all the same permits and inspections are typically among the most expensive prices per square foot. Usually people opt for more decorative options like elaborate columns, copper roofs, and wood ceilings. The average cost of an entry porch we build is about 10k.

Screen Porch

We typically use a powder coated aluminum or vinyl track systems for screen porches. Because of the screen system it is usually more difficult to have elaborate moldings, columns and trim. Screen porch systems are typically about $12psf installed. It usually adds 4-5k to screen in a covered porch.

Traditional Porch

Porches are really in some ways more similar to small room additions then Decks. Typically they involve footings, framing, electric, roofing, siding, gutters, trim carpentry, plans, permits, inspections etc….
They can be built over existing slabs, and decks providing that footings can be inspected and are in the correct location.

Ground Level Shed style porches start at $45psf, gable and hip porches $50psf, and Vaulted gable Porches around $55psf. Decorative columns, stained wood ceilings, fireplaces, electric for tv’s and fans, can lights and other accessories also increase the budget.

The average porch that we build not including the deck and rail is around $20k. The average cost of the azek/Timbertech deck and railing is around 20k as well.

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We are now able to design, and estimate your project online, or a designer can come out and meet with you. Simply fill out quote form, or give us a call at (859) 433-7131 or email to set up a consultation.