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Timbertech/Azek vs. Competition

Why do we recommend Timbertech/ AZEK decking?

For over 20 years now, Deckadent Designs been focused on building decks, porches and outdoor living spaces all over Kentucky. We have had the opportunity to use almost every type of decking material that has ever existed. We have built hundreds of wood decks, different types of composite, pvc, fiberglass, aluminum, and then capped composite and PVC.

Watching the changes first hand and working with the different materials every day one thing became very clear. The Timbertech/ AZEK line of products preformed better than any other manufacturers’ line of products.

Not only did our customers prefer the nature inspired texture, and the variety of color choices and textures that they offered, but the products performance long term was unrivaled. It was true:

Better Tech. Better Deck.™

Your outdoor living space should combine what matters to you most

The Look and Feel of Real Wood

The Latest Design Details

Unparalleled Value

One of the main benefits of choosing composite decking is that you’ll spend minimal time on maintenance. With composite decking, you won’t have to paint, seal or stain as you would with other materials. … Composite decking is renowned for its stability, standing up to any weathering tests it may encounter.

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Top-of-the-Line Capping Technology

The TimberTech technology advantage starts with their approach to caps. They use proprietary capping technology to create 100% synthetic caps with no wood fillers in their TimberTech AZEK and TimberTech PRO decking lines.

The Performance difference in all AZEK and Timbertech Pro:

Timbertech does not cut corners. The backside, and grooves of the boards are covered which keeps the core protected and the moisture out. The most important part of the “capped composite” is the shell. After years of working with different products that invested more in their marketing budgets than their product line. The Timbertech/Azek advantage became very clear. The competition did not extend the protective shell of their products past the top side. Not only was the back of their boards unsightly and would mold and mildew, but because it also absorbed moisture unevenly it would cause the boards to warp and twist over time. This was most evident in the thinner, and wider fascia boards, that had the back side in direct contact with pressure treated wood.
DECK_PRO Legacy Pecan and Mocha and RAIL_Clas…alnut-Glass

Timbertech AZEK capped polymer Advantages:

AZEK has unrivaled mold resistance with no wood fillers. The other big advantage is AZEK stays cooler to the touch, up to 30 degrees cooler than competitive composite products. AZEK also saves time and money on installation, because not only is it 30% lighter than the leading competitor, but does not require pre-drilling in order to countersink without surface distortion and cracking. AZEK gives you more traction in both wet and dry conditions with up to 40% better slip resistance than most competitive products. Sophisticated color and texture, shades designed to retain color, no permanent stain damage it’s no wonder AZEK is #1 in Premium Decking with Superior Technology and Design Versatility.

Timbertech/Azek vs Wood

Houses are most people’s biggest investments. It’s important to have all the information to make informed decisions about all the available options and choices.

For years we have built so many decks, porches, and outdoor living spaces that we were able to simplify the cost estimate process by creating spreadsheets that allowed us show all of the different upfront and long term costs of building and owning a deck in detail.

When you consider all the costs that go into constructing a deck. The total cost of materials, permits, estimated labor, and substructure, only end up to being only 5% more to build a capped composite deck versus a pressure treated wood deck. For 5% more, you get decade’s long warranties and long lasting beauty.

The long term cost of owning and maintain a deck over ten years is 16% less for capped composite decks vs. pressure treated wood. This is due to the dramatic difference of maintenance over time. Additionally, It is our experience that the average length of deck we tear out in order to replace is 9 years old. The changes in the way the vast majority of pressure treated wood is produced, and treated have led to a product that does NOT perform well long term. It warps, twists, bends, cups, splits, splinters, crack, and delaminates. This is especially true, when used as decking and railing where appearance is most important. For this reason, coupled with the high cost of maintenance, means you would lose 140% of your initial investment over 10 years with pressure treated wood compared to retaining most of the cost of Timbertech/Azek.

Like Timbertech, our core value of always doing the right thing translates into radical transparency. It’s better for you-and better for us-that you have a full picture of what you are purchasing, and all the facts before you make a decision.

While some folks choose to save money upfront, we know that the vast majority of homeowners want to do the right thing for their home, the environment, and their wallet- and that means looking at the long-term costs, durability, performance, and beauty.


Rich. Sophisticated. Stylish $$$$ 50year limited lifetime warranty

Explore the “Designer Series” of decking to make your outdoor living space a masterpiece. This sophisticated collection feature the most natural looking colors with a wire-brushed low gloss finish for a truly authentic, nuanced wood look. Bring the subtle blend of natural colors found in the Vintage Collection to your outdoor living space. These complementary colors can be mixed and matched to make the style statement you’ve been seeking.

Wire Brushed, Low-gloss finish

Highly Color-blended

Multi-width options: Mix it up with stylish narrow, standard, and wide width


Refined. Rustic. Unique. $$$ 50 year limited lifetime warranty

Deck out your outdoor living space with the modern wood tones from this collection. Based off of reclaimed lumber, the classic cathedral grain pattern is complemented by a rustic crosscut grain and matte finish. This highly color-blended decking has cascading hues which result in natural color variation. And, just last in nature, the highlights and lowlights in each board’s color vary from end-to-end and board-to-board making each deck unique.

Cathedral wood grain complemented by a rustic crosscut and matte finish

Highly blended with unique coloring

Available in standard width and thickness


Warm. Natural. Effortless. $$ 50 year limited lifetime warranty

Tie in traditional, cathedral wood grain pattern and a soft, solid color palette to your deck when using boards from this classic collection. Composed of natural shades, this decking complements a wide range of homes’ exteriors. Seeking a freshly painted wood look? Look no further than the Harvest Collection.

Cathedral wood grain pattern

Solid colors

Available in standard width and thickness

Wide width available in Brownstone and Slate Gray

MAX boards are available in Slate Gray. Perfect for docks, boardwalks, and many commercial applications.


Elegant. Stylish. Durable. $$$ 50 year limited lifetime warranty

Forget curb appeal – it’s all about porch appeal these days. Warm, natural-looking, and nuanced colors round out the Porch Collection to help create an inviting space to greet guests or simply lounge. With tongue and groove technology, these porch boards feature a tighter-fit between boards for a more polished look. Offered in both standard and wide width, you can make a style statement on your front porch.

Available in a variety of wood grain patterns and colors

Available in standard width and thickness

Wide width available in Coastline, Weathered Teak, Mahogany, and Dark Hickory


Bold. Dramatic. Unique. $$$ 30 year warranty mold guard

Stand apart from run-of-the-mill decks with this stunning, artisanal collection. This decking features a complex blend of several colors, natural board-to-board color variation, and a hand-scraped texture that offers Old World charm. Just as every tree in nature is unique, every deck board in the Legacy Collection is unique so you can create a one-of-a-kind deck.

Hand-scraped finish

Highly blended with unique coloring

Available in standard width and thickness


Authentic. Reclaimed. Inspiring. $$$ 30 year warranty

Turn up the volume on composite decking with the vivid and elegant blend of colors in the Reserve Collection. Inspired by reclaimed wood, the heavy wire-brushed, low-gloss finish highlights the classic cathedral wood grain pattern. This resilient collection will add charm and character to your outdoor living space.

Cathedral wood grain finish

Highly color blended

Available in standard width and thickness


Traditional. Timeless. Rugged. $$ 30 year warranty

Tap into the traditional and timeless hues for your outdoor oasis. Ranging from solid to minimally blended colors, these scalloped boards offer a complex, rugged wood grain pattern designed to camouflage wear and a tear from everyday life. This practical collection is the perfect combination of value and performance.

Cathedral wood grain pattern

Blended and solid colors

Scalloped boards


Alluring. Classic. Sensible. $ 30 year warranty

Design your ideal deck with the saturated colors in this inspiring collection. These full profile boards offer solid deck hues for a painted wood visual. Plus, each board features a subtle, straight wood grain pattern. Take a step up from traditional wood to get the long-lasting look you want.

Straight wood grain pattern

Solid colors

Available in standard width and thickness


Eye-Catching. Vibrant. Attainable. $ 30 year warranty

Explore beautifully vivid colors with this inviting decking collection. The moderately varied hues and subtle, straight grain pattern create an authentic wood visual. Bring long-lasting beauty to your ideal outdoor living spce with these scalloped boards.

Straight wood grain pattern

Minimally color blended

Scalloped profile

Available in standard width and thickness

Sustainability Is at TIMBERTECH’S Core

When we say we’re sustainable to the core, that’s exactly what we mean. Up to 100% of the wood and plastic in the cores of our capped composite deck boards is made from recycled materials, making the entire board comprised of up to 80% recycled content. And because we focus on doing the right thing, it’s important to us that the quality and integrity of the cap and core aren’t compromised in the process. The same goes for our capped polymer boards — which are made with over 50% recycled materials.

And we’re not stopping there. At TimberTech, we’re committed to doing whatever it takes to up our eco-friendly game — like investing in a state-of-the-art recycling plant, increasing the amount of recycled content in each decking line, repurposing the scraps from our board-making process back into production, and deliberately sourcing hard-to-recycle materials that would traditionally end up in landfills.


Our Sustainable Deck Materials by the Numbers

  • Homeowners choosing TimberTech® decking over wood have helped save over 3 million trees since 2001.
  • Across the company, we diverted roughly 400 million pounds of waste and scrap from landfills in 2020. We also re-use approximately 99% of the internal scrap generated.
  • Thanks to our closed-loop water filtration systems, we recycle up to 97% of the water that our largest facilities use each year.

Garbage to Gorgeous

In 2019, The AZEK Company unveiled our 100,000-plus square-foot, cutting-edge polyethylene recycling facility in Wilmington, Ohio. This eco-friendly space is dedicated to turning recycled materials into gorgeous, long-lasting, and low-maintenance outdoor living products.

We’ve started producing products that contain a majority of recycled material and have invested in expanding our recycling capabilities to other polymer material types, including PVC. And, as part of our commitment to go green-er, we’re striving to incorporate more hard-to-recycle materials into our decking lines, starting with our capped polymer decking in the TimberTech® AZEK® line. This update in our capped polymer decking will allow us to continue to innovate when it comes to sustainability.

Bringing Sustainable Deck Materials to Life

We have eight manufacturing and recycling facilities across the United States that account for over 1.9 million square feet of incredibly sustainable production.


Like most of the things we do, it starts with leading technology.

We incorporated advanced technologies from Europe, the leader in sustainability and recycling, into our manufacturing processes for peak efficiency. This innovation allows us to turn recycled waste into raw materials that we can then mold into beautiful composite decking, porch, and railing products.

Our Wilmington recycling facility also leverages energy-efficient systems for power, water, heating/cooling, and lighting, which makes it even more sustainable. On top of that, we use unique closed-loop water filtration systems across our largest facilities, allowing us to recycle and reuse hundreds of gallons of water each day.