DECK Codes



The Codes for decks in Kentucky have changed significantly in the last couple years, the biggest changes are the fact that you can no longer use a 4×4 post to support the structure, and decks can no longer be “hung” from the house through veneer brick. If you have a brick house your deck must be self supporting, meaning you will have to have additional posts and beams at the house. It can not be bolted through to the house band or attached to the veneer brick.

The most common failure point of decks is where they attach to the house, followed by the post to beam connection. Posts are required to be notched and bolted through to beams now or have special post to beam connectors used. We replace several decks a year that have been constructed incorrectly and have failed catastrophically sometimes resulting in severe injury or even death.

The other most common misconception people have is that if they have a concrete patio beneath there deck we can place the posts directly on top of the surface. We have to use a concrete saw to cut 2’x2′ holes in the concrete and place 8″ thick footings beneath the frost line which is 2′ in Lexington, Kentucky. Then we can replace the concrete slab around the posts.

To further complicate matters, every county in Kentucky has its own codes and special things the inspectors look for. That is why it is important to have someone who specializes in decks to make sure that everything is done right the first time to prevent costly delays, and changes. We have built decks in all 120 Counties in Kentucky.

We also build projects in Louisville, and Lexington, and Cincinnati, Southern Ohio and Indiana, as well as West Virginia, and Northern Tennessee. Feel free to contact us if you have an interesting or unusual project anywhere, we love to travel!

Hot Tubs & Commercial decks

We have built many decks that support hot tubs, as well as commercial decks. Commercial decks have a live load of 80 pounds psf as opposed to 40 pounds psf in residential construction. Most counties require commercial decks and deck that hold hot tubs to have an engineering certification to them. We have engineering companies that we work with that are familiar with these unique requirements. In order to ensure that you have a safe, long lasting, outdoor area for years to come.

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